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No pain no gain, if you’re overweight and want to get in shape and stay fit, then a perfect workout plan is one of the best options. But don’t forget to consider some important points apart from workout schedule, including minor daily lifestyle changes and preferred weight loss friendly foods. 

Because if you're consuming high saturated fat foods excessively, then your workout will be fruitless. So stick to the unsaturated foods to achieve your goals easily.


Before proceeding to the further discussion about the better foods, first we should comprehend the advantages of exercise, by understanding the advantage of physical exercise we become more interested and active.

5 Foods To Eat Before And After Workout
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By doing regular and frequent exercise, you may actually boost the immune system which will help in preventing potential heart diseases, diabetes, and other benefits like, prevent stress and depression.

Exercise advantages are not confined to the benefits mention above, it has additionally some other advantages including, growth increasing, prevent signs of aging and weight loss.

Foods to eat before and after a workout?
When it comes to physical exercise or vigorous workout, then the significance of eating can't be ignored. Whether you wish to eat something or not before and after a vigorous workout, the importance of eating always be there. As many studies have shown that fueled up yourself is an essential thing to accomplish the objectives of weight reduction.

Because the empty stomach is not considered to be good for your body while doing exercises. Empty stomach means actually you lose your muscles mass.

Check out 5 foods to eat before and after workout

Why we should eat bananas before and after a workout?
While searching on the internet, got a good answer on, that because it is rich in carbs, such as sugar and starch, it also has potassium and fiber. And I think it is enough good reason to ensure eating bananas before and after a workout.Moreover eating bananas may ensure protection against muscle cramps during workouts. Bananas contain high potassium, pectin, vitamin A, vitamin C, irons, proteins, and carbohydrates.


Eggs are the great source of proteins, nutrients, and amino acid. Eat eggs before and after a workout may help you to recover energy. Try to eat boiled eggs instead of fried ones because they are more beneficial for your health.

Tart Cherry Juice
Drinking cherry juice before and after a workout could reduce muscle soreness. Antioxidants in tart cherry juice can help in reducing pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis

Tart Cherry Juice

Avocado is high in saturated fats and a wide range of phytonutrients that are related to their unusual fat quality. Beside this avocado contains vitamins and calories. Be ensured to eat in moderation because it is high saturated fat food.As we have mentioned above that high saturated foods should not consume extensively, if you want to get rid of obesity.


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Sweet Potatoes
We're all well-aware that the sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Workout needs fuel before and after more especially carbohydrates and proteins. Sweet potatoes provide required carbohydrates and proteins.

Sweet Potatoes

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  1. Eggs, Avocado and Sweet Potatoes. It sounds like a true feast


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