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4 Home Remedies to Remove Moles at Home

4 Home Remedies to Remove Moles at Home - Beauty Tips

How can you get rid of moles?

Mole removal methods range from simple topical applications to homeopathic treatments. Some of them can be administered at home at an instant, while the rest of these methods need medical assistance for them to be effective. Usually, treatments performed by dermatologists cost a lot. So if you want to save money, go down the DIY route and opt for homemade remedies.

4 Home Remedies to Remove Moles at Home

Let's face it. Not all moles are good to look at. And when they are located in conspicuous parts of the body (such as moles on face), they can be a great source of embarrassment, which often results to loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. Because of that, some moles need to be removed at all cost
Here are 4 methods for mole removal at home.

1. Duct tape method

Here's what you can do. Take the duct tape and cut a piece that is just enough to cover the mole and the surrounding region. To mask the duct tape, put a band-aid over it. You'll leave the duct tape over the wart for a week or so, so you might want to change the band-aid every once in a while. Take the duct tape off, and with an old nail file, file off the mole.

2. Aloe vera and banana peel

For a few times every day for a couple of weeks (or until the mole is gone), you can try rubbing or soaking the mole with the sappy compound of aloe vera and banana peel. This works if you have a robust supply of bananas or aloe vera.

3. Tea tree oil and essential lemon oil

A drop of these essential oils is enough to get rid of these ugly bumps in less than a week. With each drop, watch the mole changes color, and it should easily come off. When this method is not effective, you can try other natural treatments and procedures.

4. Apple cider vinegar

If you love apple cider vinegar, you can use it to create an effective treatment against warts. Use it as a topical treatment every night. Put a nail polish over it during the day to keep from spreading it. Remove the nail polish at night and apply vinegar cider again. Repeat the procedure until the mole is gone.

These methods have limitations, especially on other types of moles. So if none of these methods work, you can try other commercially produced ointments and applications such as salicylic acid. Or if you have time to see your dermatologist, a quick visit will definitely give you the answers you need on how to remove moles

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