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Home Remedies For Skin Care

Homemade skin care can be an easy and effective way to achieve beautiful results without leaving home or breaking the bank. After all, people love anything home made. It's convenient enough, with most of the ingredients already available in most pantries and refrigerators. Over time, homemade natural skin care products can save lots of money. Most importantly, these ingredients can be formulated into countless recipes to produce wonderful results, just like one would expect from a salon or spa.

Homemade skin care can be an easy and effective way

Answers to most man-made problems can be found in nature, including skin conditions. Nature has provided countless plants, botanicals, and oils that can be mixed and matched for pretty much any skin type. There is only room in this article for a few commonly used ones, feel free to explore others.

Raw sugar and sea salt: their crystals are mildly rough and are great for scrubs to exfoliate dead skin cells. Mix either raw sugar or sea salt (more of a personal preference) with olive oil or almond oil for a gentle scrub.

Ground coffee: great dehydrator can be used to reduce puffiness under eyes or the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine has been known to give an extra buzz for skin for its antioxidant effect and amazing power to neutralize free radicals. It also helps to inhibit the enzyme that lead to acne breakout. In addition, caffeine is also an anti-inflammatory agent that can be used to treat certain skin irritations.

Lemon/lime: provide supple vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant to stimulate collagen regeneration. Use diluted lemon or lime juice to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and reduce appearances of sun spots or acne scars. Be cautious that undiluted or concentrated lemon/lime juice can cause skin irritation.

Apple cider vinegar (raw and unfiltered version): Can be used in a homemade toner and spot treat acne.

Yogurt: Makes a great facial mask as it nourishes and rejuvenates skin cells. Natural acids within yogurt help to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal the more youthful look underneath.

Pineapple (mashed): Exfoliates skin and stimulate collagen growth

Honey: Great for moisturizing dry skin and calming skin irritation.

Egg white: Protein for facial skin. It works well in a facial mask to nourish and tighten skin.

Potato Juice: Helps to reduce puffiness under and around eyes

Oatmeal: Helps relieve common skin irritations such as itching due to dry skin or eczema

Jojoba oil: Fungicide to control mildew

Almond oil: Great emollient and moisturizer for skin and hair. It's often used to relieve dry skin and common skin irritations. It's also used by massage therapists as a carrier oil because it's not greasy and isn't absorbed by skin cells too quickly.

Sweet orange oil: Frequently used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety, digestive discomfort and sinus congestion.

Lavender essential oil: Often used in aromatherapy to relax the body and calm the mind.

Lemongrass essential oil: Used in aromatherapy to clean, refresh and rejuvenate

Coconut oil: Great for moisturizing dry skin and protect hair against protein loss. It's also used in many hard soaps.

Grape seed oil: Great for skin moisturization.

There are many more natural ingredients to be included in the homemade skin care products. Research, explore, experiment for the best results.

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