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How to Lighten Your Skin Safely, Naturally and Fast - Beauty Tips

Want to Get Rid Of Brown Spots? Learn How to Lighten Your Skin Safely, Naturally and Fast

Would you like to get rid of ugly brown spots (also called age spots or sun spots) on your skin? But not at any price - you want beautiful skin after all and not one damaged by chemicals like bleach, right?

Want to Get Rid Of Brown Spots? Learn How to Lighten Your Skin Safely, Naturally and Fast

I am here to tell you that it is possible to lighten skin naturally, safely and fast, though.

First we need to understand what causes brown spots. These unsightly spots on the skin are caused by excessively high levels of the skin pigment called melanin. When the melanin levels in the skin increase, melanin moves up to the skin's surface and forms spots all over your body. As we get older, melanin production rises in the skin and voilĂ  - age spots appear. You can also get more melanin by tanning a lot, causing the appearance of brown spots even if you are young.

That's why if you want to get rid of brown spots, you need to find effective ways to reduce melanin to normal levels on the skin, and push it back into the deeper layers of the skin where it belongs.

An especially effective, completely natural ingredient which does just that is called Extrapone nutgrass. It has been shown in clinical studies to reduce melanin by up to 40%. Its effectiveness and safety have been proven by several studies as well. It's not a new ingredient; so many people are already using it around the world and getting great results with it. In fact people have been getting visible results just within weeks, and this without any risk or danger!

Extrapone nutgrass is not the only way to get rid of brown spots, of course. There are many home remedies you could try, like lemon juice lightening: squeeze a lemon and mix the juice with a tablespoon of honey, then apply the paste on your age spots. Wash off with warm water after 20 minutes. Repeat every other day. Many people have been getting good results with lemon juice lightening, but it isn't as quick as Extrapone nutgrass.

There are other, more drastic measures too, like microdermabrasion or chemicals like bleach, but they tend to be dangerous and/or very time-consuming - I do not recommend such skin lightening methods.

To get rid of age spots naturally and fast, I personally recommend using a high-quality whitening skin cream with Extrapone nutgrass on the affected areas. Apply the cream daily and you should be seeing results in about 14-21 days. In the unlikely case Extrapone nutgrass doesn't work for you, it's useful to find a company which offers a guarantee on their products and where you can return opened bottles, too.

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