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Tips to Reduce Under Eye Circles

Under eye circles can be an embarrassing feat. It makes the eyes look older and tired. There are several causes as to why dark under eye circles are prominent with some people and some do not have them at all. Here are a few:

Tips to Reduce Under Eye Circles - Skin care For You

1. Heredity - let's face it--some people are just lucky to have not been born with it. If your parents have dark under eye circles, most likely, you will have them too. If you have very thin skin surrounding your eyes, the chances are the blood vessels will be very obvious and dark circles will appear to be more prominent.

2. Lack of sleep / Stress - sleep is very important to reduce under eye circles. Get at least 6-8 hours a day of sleep and it will help your eyes look and feel refreshed. Stress can also be a factor with dark under eye circles. Set aside some time during the week where you can relax and pamper yourself.

3. Lack of hydration - those who don't drink water as much have a tendency to have dry, brittle skin. This affects the overall condition of the skin, especially under the eyes, and will cause sagging of the skin under the eyes.

4. Rubbing of eyes - don't rub your eyes too much! If irritation occurs, just cup clean water within your hands and continuously blink until the irritation fades. Rubbing your eyes will cause the blood vessels to break and will result to darker under eye circles.

Now that we know how to avoid increasing the darkness around the skin of our eyes, here are some useful and cheap remedies:

1. Used tea bags - the components found in tea leaves prove to be helpful in reducing dark circles. All you have to do is place the used tea bag under your eyes for 2-3 hours. This will improve the circulation of the blood and rejuvenate the skin on the area applied.

2. Moisturize using Virgin Coconut Oil- use virgin coconut oil to remove makeup and moisturize under the eyes. Take it off gently by letting a cotton absorb the oil and wiping off make-up. Leave the oil under the eyes so that it will moisturized during the night.

3. Cucumbers - this is an old method, but nevertheless effective! Place a slice of cucumber over your eyes at night, and in the morning it will look refreshed.

4. Use concealer - avoid concealers with bluish or reddish tone. The perfect tones to use for under eye circles are those near the yellow tones. After applying concealer, use a small brush and apply natural-colored loose powder or mineral powder under the eyes so that the under eye circles will not be obvious.

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