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DIY Face Serum For Acne, Dark Spots And Scars

As someone who has suffered acne, I’m very vigilant about finding good products that can quickly help keep the bumps at bay while reducing the scars they leave behind.

If you’ve ever suffered acne as well, chances are your face also has scars from the acne. Often, I get asked how did I get rid of the terrible dark spots that hunted my face for years.

I’ve talked about several acne recipes on this blog because I understand that a lot of people suffer it too. Yes, several remedies exist that help to reduce this skin problem, but this particular DIY face serum is one of the best! It’s easy to put together, and it doesn’t leave your face with messy felling.

Ingredients Needed & Their Benefits

  • Argan oil – Argan oil regulates the production of sebum, which causes acne, it also helps reduce further breakouts. The vitamin E present in the oil contains anti-oxidants that help remove damaged cells and help new ones grow, therefore fading acne scars.
  • Tea tree essential oil – This oil is known all over the world for its numerous health benefits, including its acne-fighting ability. The best tea tree oil should be 100% pure, unrefined, and chemical-free
  • Lavender essential oil – For a sensitive skin, this oil has a  soothing ability. It fights acne as well as helps to calm the skin as well as to reduce blemishes.
  • Frankincense essential oil – Frankincense has astringent properties. It dries out acne, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens the skin. It helps heal and fade scars and dark spots very fast
  • Lemongrass essential oil – Lemongrass oil mixed with water, can help to remove excess oil from your skin. It has antimicrobial properties help eliminate bacteria trapped in follicles
  • Oregano essential oil – oregano oil helps in treating minor skin problems such as acne, cold sores, rashes and fungal infections when applied topically. It contains natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  • Geranium essential oil – This oil, helps in fading the look of scars and other spots on the skin quickly. It has powerful cicatrisant properties, which aids in increasing blood circulation right below the surface of the skin; helping with the healing of spots caused by acne, cuts or wounds.
  • Carrot seed essential oil – Carrot Seed Oil is wonderful for protecting the skin, and it can be applied as a base layer under sunscreen. It moisturizes while balancing sebum production, which is always helpful for oily or acne-prone skin.
  • Clove essential oil – Clove has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities and thus can help in treating your acne problems in a natural way.

Ingredients You Need:

  • 6 tbsp argan oil
  • 6 drops lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 6 drops frankincense essential oil
  • 6 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 6 drops oregano essential oil
  • 6 drops geranium essential oil
  • 4 drops carrot seed essential oil
  • 2 drops clove essential oil
  • 4 oz amber glass dropper bottle


  • Fill up a 4 oz amber glass dropper bottle with 6 tbsp of argan oil with the help of a funnel.
  • Gradually add all the drops of essential oils to the bottle.
  • Cap tightly and gently roll the bottle between your hands to gently mix up all the oils.
  • Your Face serum is ready!
  • To use, place 5 drops on one clean palm, then rub both palms together and gently dab them onto your clean face. If you have dry acne prone skin, then dab it onto a damp face to seal moisture!

  • Use twice daily after cleansing your face.

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